Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft Pottery is one of the last remaining independent art potteries in the world today and still operates out of the original brick factory in Stoke-on-Trent, England, using the proprietary glazes and distinctive slip-trailing design methods pioneered by William Moorcroft at the end of the 19th century. This incredibly labor-intensive process produces designs of intricacy, brilliance, and clarity.

Moorcroft Pottery has been esteemed since it burst on the scene in 1897. Moorcroft is collected by connoisseurs worldwide, and both the retail and secondary markets are strong. (Christie’s auction house holds a dedicated Moorcroft sale each year, and Sotheby’s regularly features Moorcroft pottery in their sales of decorative arts.) Early Moorcroft pieces are both rare and valuable; contemporary pieces generally appreciate shortly after production of a design has ceased.

Alimadia Gallery was formerly an authorized Moorcroft retailer. We have several pieces of “new old stock” that we will be selling on our sister site, Craft+Legend.  A link to the new page and specific pieces offered will be included here shortly.